Belle Baise - Nottingham

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"Belle Baise:-Applicants are carefully screened and vetted catering for around 30 people per party. Single men are not allowed under any circumstances and tickets are non-transferable. Set in private locations in Nottingham with a strictly smart dress code." For more swingers clubs click here.

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DD says "If you have ever fantasised about parties of sophistication and champagne fuelled sex then Belle Baise is the place to be. When we arrived at the venue, a very polite young lady cross-referenced our credentials on her laptop and a doorman chaperoned us personally to the party. As far as first impressions go, it was clear that this was a well-organised, professionally run and very classy affair. When we entered the venue there was already 20+ beautiful swingers mingling over champagne and strawberries by candlelight. Within 60 seconds the gorgeous Freja had introduced herself and made us feel welcome. She showed us to the cloakroom and poured us a nice chilled glass of champagne. The night progressed with us chatting away to couples just like us (the average age was only 27) from literally all over the world. By 10:30pm the main living area was starting to thin out as more and more couples retired to the bedrooms for some fun. One highlight in particular was standing in a bedroom surrounded by naked bodies discussing between us how we should make use of the fantastic walk in shower! The only negative comment we could make on the night was that although the venue was at a very private and secure location, we couldn't help feel that the visible security could have been a little better in the penthouse itself. DD (Nottingham)"

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