Chameleons - West Midlands and Newport

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"Chameleons has free membership for couples and single ladies and £50 for single males. One of, if not the most popular club in the midlands. Set over 3 floors in the Black Country and open 7 days a week. Single males not admitted after 7:30pm Saturday" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Sara and Simon says "Chameleons is a labyrinth of corridors and rooms, no problem with that, but what we did have a problem with was the number of single guys that somehow managed to anticipate where we would end up as we explored the place. We could walk down a corridor that was empty, and then within seconds there would be at least two or three guys that would appear as if by magic then they would appear again at the next corner. We finally decided to use one of the private rooms, that are lockable, damn me, the single guys then start to knock on the door and some even try to open it !!! If we had wanted them to join us we would have either played in front of them or left it open. We will visit again however, now we know what to expect we will be a little more prepared. The staff were very friendly however. Not a fault with the place, just the single guys, wandering round and round all afternoon, as if to say "pick me, pick me". Maybe we should have known better than to go during a weekday afternoon. Sara and Simon (Birmingham)"

Dave and Nicola says "Chameleons is by the far the best club that we have visited and now it is the only one because we have been unable to better it. Lynn and the staff always do their utmost to make everyone’s visit a pleasurable one. They always strive to make improvements and listen to their customers arriving at any decision that suits the majority. The facilities at Chameleons are second to none with something for everyone. There are different nights for everyone depending upon your taste. Personally we go on a Friday so that Nicola can enjoy single men. Some comments on this group suggest there are too many of them in the club at any one time. On occasions this has been true, but never have they been any trouble whatsoever, being polite and respectful at all times. If you want to try swinging or anything else in your relationship then Chameleons is the place to go! Dave and Nicola (Coventry)"

FM says "Just want to tell everyone how great the new Chameleons is in Newport (Gwent). Went for the first time last night. The staff were really friendly; everything was very clean and tidy and had a great time with some lovely people. There was no problem with hordes of single men following us around either (which has, often, happened elsewhere) Also stayed in the hotel rooms there which, at £40 a night with breakfast is great value. The facilities include a 20 seater Jacuzzi, sauna; several play rooms, a large bar area, a small cinema and two large lounges. They also intend to open more rooms upstairs soon and have a roof garden for the summer. All these facilities are of a very high standard. We were also impressed by the security of the place with CCTV, security guards and a very diligent check of new member’s id. We would highly recommend Chameleons to anyone.  FM (Newport)"

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