Club Atlantis - Stoke-on-Trent

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"Club Atlantis has a relaxed coffee lounge upstairs and a disco downstairs. Single males are restricted to 6 per Friday night and couples only nights are held on Saturdays. To add to the fun, taster lessons in pole dancing and lap dancing are held on Friday nights." For more swingers clubs click here.

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S and C says "We have been to Atlantis quite a few times and we are very experienced swingers who have been to many clubs in the UK. Atlantis doesnít have that big club feel but it certainly has a homely warm and inviting feel about it, and itís certainly much bigger than most. The staff are incredibly friendly and there isnít anything they wouldnít help you with. Itís a fun or laid back kind of place, nobody will ever try to force or cajole you to do anything you wouldnít want to do. The management and staff of Atlantis seem to actively promote at all times that there should be no pressure from any member on any other and it works. This is a really safe club for newbies and single females. We would recommend either Friday or Saturday, though Friday is mixed singles and couples. Sometimes the bar area can be a bit to busy and you may have to wait to get a drink, but we suppose that's like any club bar area. Our only real criticism of club Atlantis is that we wish that they would change the two video players more often. S and C (Keele)"

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