Club Liberty - Brighton

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"Club Liberty is a naturist club through the week and a swingers club at weekends. There are 25 play rooms, a spa including a huge 36 person jacuzzi, large 30 person sauna, luxury mosaic steam room and a fabulous outdoor heated pool. It is a members only swingers club" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Bob and Petra say "The new reception at Club Liberty made you think that the 100% hike in entrance fee was going to make it fantastic when you went through the doors. Went through the door to see the main room had changed and looked great, went into changing room - buckets of used towels everywhere and toilet roll holders that wouldn't allow any tissue use and no soap in the COLD shower!! Walls have been knocked down and there's a couple of new chairs in lounge area. Went to the huts to explore the new delights we had been told about to find them not very good when its middle of winter and all you have is a very small towel to cover you. The promise of baby wipes, condoms and lube were few and far between. The spa, sauna and steam room not as clean. When we signed in was told club closed at 11pm. Came back to main Club Liberty for sauna just after 9.30pm to find sauna and steam had been closed down for the evening! Bob and Petra (Hove)"

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