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"Club Raquels has free membership for single ladies. Open Tuesday to Sunday with Monday nights reserved for private functions. A sports room, jacuzzi, sauna, mini gym room, sun beds and play rooms. New to this venue is a roof garden. Set in London’s East End" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Deano says "Have attended Club Raquels  on Saturday nights (as Single Male) - Fri & Sat nights being the busiest. The club is fairly large, a bit rundown in places, but pleasant. Some friendly types on both occasions - but you have to make a conscious effort to get to know people. Opportunities improve as you become a familiar face to the core of regulars. The same for being invited into some action - it's important invest time in socialising and be friendly. I found other customers pleasant and civil, as were the staff. On my first visit there was action in the play rooms all night between regulars. You might well get to join in something if you make the effort to make contact earlier. The play rooms are fairly basic but varied - rooms with beds, mats, plastic mattresses or massage tables. As far as these places go, the sauna, steam room, showers and lounge areas are ok and the outdoor jacuzz is probably great in the warmer weather and longer day lit evenings. My second visit to Club Raquels was a Party Night and, while there were far too many Single Males, there was hard core action all night ending in conversation into the early hours. Raquel’s will reward those who attend regularly enough to become part of its social circle and who behave in a friendly and civilised manner. If you pick the right nights, then within several visits you're likely to have the opportunity to watch or share a wide variety of swinging adventures and encounters. Deano (London)"

Paul and Pixie says "Club Raquels is not ideal on a main road, but convenient for the station and tube if your based in central London (as we are) and fancy some action after a day at work. A friendly hostess, Jo, showed us around, we buggered about trying to get the showers to operate at the right temperature, but the water was certainly hot enough so my guess is no worries about legionella bugs. My friend loves cock, and 3 guys approached us, with only one staying the course and giving her oral for ages. We went on a Wednesday night to club Raquels, but will now try a Saturday. Paul and Pixie (London)"

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