Club Rub - South East

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"Club Rub is a fetish club open on Saturday nights with a licensed bar. No restrictions are made on number of single males but fetish wear is a must for all who attend the club. House and techno music is played with a large dance floor to enjoy the music to.  Cub Rub also has a cushioned and curtained harem den to play in." For more swingers clubs click here.

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A says "Club Rub is a high-quality, mixed, fetish club which I have recently heard described by a few regulars on the fetish scene as being "where all the beautiful people go". While that is a bit of an exaggeration it is a really good club with lots of attractive people. The action at Club Rub is usually at the after-parties, so make lots of friends and don't forget to ask around about any that might be going on, and if one of the hosts likes you, you might get invited. A (South-East)"

M says "Club Rub is a bit cliquey, a bit prudish maybe, lots of flesh and some couples action to see, plus porn on screens and BDSM playroom. Recommend it to couples but single men on their own may feel somewhat 'non grata'. M (Wimbledon)"

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