Club Selecta - Greater Manchester

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"Club Selecta is for members only with single males needing to apply in advance to attend.  The club is primarily focussed on swingers, Transexauals, T-girls and fetish/BDSM enthusiasts. Open Friday and Saturday nights." For more swingers clubs click here.

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DP says "We found Club Selecta to be very friendly where everyone made an effort to talk to you & the couple that run the club took the time to introduce all newbies to all the regulars. Having visited several other clubs in & around Manchester, Club Selecta is above the others, it tends to be mostly couples with a few trusted singles being let in. They have some excellent playrooms, as well as a nice lounge area & good dungeon area for those that wish to indulge their wilder sides. Saturday Nights at Club Selecta have been best for us so far & once a month, they have a T Girl Night. If you are into fetish then Fridays are for you. But the best advice we can give is go along & see for yourselves & make up your own minds. We are regulars at Selecta and we love it. Club Selecta is a great club for first timers or for hardened swingers. You can't always guarantee that there will be others there who will melt your butter but you can guarantee a friendly and safe atmosphere. Great night, great crowd, great hosts. Would definitely recommend Club Selecta to anyone DP (Oldham)"

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