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"Club Xtasia has free membership for couples and single ladies. Wednesday and Friday are mixed with only couples and single ladies on Saturdays. Fetish nights every 3rd Sunday after the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar."  For more swingers clubs click here.

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J.Downing says "Attended Xtasia for the first time on Saturday. We went because we like the idea of a nightclub based approach where couples keep their clothes on. Other clubs such as Utopia have far too many people wandering around. Our first impressions were good, lots of couples, plenty of areas to sit and places to play or just watch others. Very friendly staff and excellent prices at the bar. Nice atmosphere, no pressure to join or be part of anything so it would be a good place to visit for couples new to all this. On the downside we would have preferred a stricter dress code as some of the men looked quite untidy wearing jeans or t-shirts. In the main however everyone is well behaved and even though lots of alcohol is consumed there is a nice atmosphere and no problems. The area Xtasia is based in is VERY rough and as the club is based next to a very rowdy pub this is not at all pleasant when one is entering and in particular leaving Xtasia. J.Downing (Coventry)"

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