Cockatoo club - London

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"The Cockatoo club has free membership for couples and single females. Couples only Tuesdays and restriction on single males Saturdays. Dancers to start the evenings off. Four poster room, restraining room, sound proof room and voyeur vantage points can all be found at the Cockatoo club" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Kay and Dave says "The information on the Cockatoo Clubís website is true and accurate. The service road or alleyway that leads to the venue was clean; it was also very well lit by two roof level floodlights. The Cockatoo Club is DRUG FREE and this in our experience is rare & a big plus point. The people we have met there have been friendly no pressure is applied and we have had fun & sometimes just socialised. As a couple we move around, this isn't the loudest of clubs or the biggest but itís certainly worth going. We were there last on New Years Eve and chose to go there because it was the only club not charging extra because it was New Year. Sunday is naturist Sauna. Kay and Dave (London)"

P.Carter says "I have been to the Cockatoo Club a few times but Iíve never found it much good. It's always very hit and miss. Last time I went there were precisely 3 other people, a couple and a single guy and it was 10pm! I've been to other places where it was rocking by that sort of time. By the time I decided to leave there must have been no more than 10 people in the entire place. By the time I left at 1am there must have been no more than a dozen people in the entire place who were standing around talking. Nothing was really happening with the exception of one woman who stripped off and fucked another guy for the benefit of her husband who was watching. This poor guy must have even realised this himself as he didn't manage to cum in the end. He did everything to turn her on but couldn't get her wet. The Cockatoo Club was just dead. P.Carter (London)"

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