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"Cupids has free annual membership for couples and single ladies. Open 7 days a week with a dance floor and a pole, a wet area with a jacuzzi, sauna and showers. Private rooms are lockable. Cupids is based in Manchester" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Mark and Petra say "We tried Cupids after seeing the club advertised on the net - we had seen bad reviews about them letting anybody in to get the money but thought we owed it to ourselves and Cupids to see for ourselves what it is like. The reports were true - they will let anybody in - as long as they have the money!!! The bar prices are a total rip-off - take your own with you. We were followed around the place by singles - I felt like the pied piper, they were not polite and the sweaty smells did nothing to help. We were not impressed, we will try it again soon but after our first encounter we are a cautious about returning. You should try Cupids for yourself - do not just take what we wanted as gospel - if you are seasoned swingers you will be able to deal with the singles better than us.  Mark and Petra (South Manchester)"

L.Townsend says "I have been attending Cupid's since October last year, and I have had some great nights and met some genuine people. The staff and the couples at Cupids do treat the single guy's with respect. They in turn, are also treated with respect and they deserve it. That's life isn't it? If you choose to wear a mini skirt and no knickers, and go to a swinging club, don't complain when single guy's smile at you. You know - get real! But no means no and we all understand that, and wouldn't have it any other way. I would recommend this place to anybody who is genuine and is wishing to try out the lifestyle. You will be among friends. It's not for the wanabees and dreamers that make up a high proportion, but if you are real you will love it. Couples, Single guys and Single girls will all enjoy themselves at Cupids. As one young lady said to me "this is better than going to a pub or club and going home with a stranger, you are in a very safe situation at Cupids L.Townsend (Altrincham)"

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