Fever Parties - London and Manchester

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"Fever holds private parties for the under 40ís in exclusive locations in London and Manchester.  Invites are subject to strict vetting procedures.  Up market locations. Very informative website" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Pete and Marie say "We went to Fever in August in a large apartment, all on one floor, in South West London. It doesn't look like much from the outside but once inside there is more than enough room for 100 people and enough bathrooms to ensure no-one has to queue for the toilet. Though Fever isn't full of the elderly overweight people seen at other clubs, it isn't all gorgeous twenty something models. We definitely saw quite a few dodgy blokes who looked like they had slipped through the net looks-wise, and there are enough people in the 35-40 bracket. The moral of this is that Fever's selection process might not be quite as hardcore as some people fear it will be, so it's always worth applying. We highly recommend Fever and hope we'll be invited back. They seem to be going from strength to strength at the moment, so the only question is why any swinger would try anywhere else. Pete and Marie (South-West)"

Anon says "Fever has gone downhill recently. Prices have risen to insane levels and large chunks of their website are out of date. I wouldn't mind, but if they expect us to fork out £150 for one night, they better get these things right. The high prices mean that these are not parties for the young and beautiful but just the rich. How many under 25s want to spend £150 on one night at Fever? The average age looked to be in the mid thirties to me, and while there were some very sexy people, I'd say the attractiveness was merely average. The venues and facilities are still amazing, as ever, but still not worth the money. They are no longer, as they STILL claim on the website, the only club with an upper age limit or that uses photographs to admit guests and they certainly are not the best. Fever even still claim they run parties in Manchester - they haven't done one there for FOUR YEARS!  They may be the best known, but they are certainly not the best, at least not anymore. Anon (North West)"


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