G-Spot - Leicester

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"G-spot is a private members club open Thursday to Sunday and available for hire Monday and Tuesday. A dance floor with a cage and a pole, gang bang room, twin play room and a dark room are featured" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Les and Ann say "Went to G Spot on a Saturday in late October, and as a couple we were looking for another couple. There weren't many there, but we were chatting to a nice couple who said that it was a quiet night. What was very immediately apparent was the sheer quantity of single males there, all waiting around the edges. We appreciate that they too want to swing, (and that probably they make up a large proportion of the income of the club...) but it was too oppressive for us and we left relatively early without doing anything. We go to this sort of club without a predetermined intention to 'do' anything specific, and we rely on the club and it's occupants to give us the desire to go further. This wasn't going to happen at G Spot. The decor was also a little too gothic for us - we've been to a few Swing clubs in different countries, and the whole atmosphere and decor tend to be a bit more uplifting. Those foreign clubs also have much more stringent requirements re single people too. Anyway, we have the year's membership for G Spot, so if we are back this way we will try it again, just to see if we caught it on a bad night. Les and Ann (Loughborough)"

Anon says "We have been to the G Spot a few times and itís gone down hill with too many single males walking around drunk staring which we found a bit off putting. It felt like a cattle market. We like the G Spot but it needs to be upgraded. We will still go back and will tell the owners about peopleís comments as it needs new blood to take over the rains. I know Alex is trying his best but he can only do so much...donít go as much now as we work most weekends. But as we said will go back. Anon (Derby)"

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