Isis Quest - Leeds

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"Isis Quest Opens Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday for mixed nights with couples only on Saturday nights. Stage with a pole, sauna and 3 large play rooms and a new dungeon. Members only with no concessions" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Brian says "I go to Isis Quest almost weekly now at first it seemed like I would never get a chance cause everyone seem to know each other and they sit in groups alone and I can assure you as a single man its an up hill task to approach such a group. Advice to fellow single men, do not hang about in the play area waiting for someone to bring the action to you. Get involved at Isis Quest, be a man and talk to people and you will be pleasantly surprised. I would recommend Isis Quest especially on a Friday night. You may not get any action but if you play your cards right you will not regret chatting to people. Brian (Bradford)"  

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