La Chambre - Sheffield

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"La Chambre is a licensed club with a dance floor and a 3 tier sauna, steam room, mini pool, dungeon and several themed play rooms. One of the most popular clubs in the Uk and caters for single males on Friday nights and couples only on Saturdays." For more swingers clubs click here.

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Clair and Steve say "Went to La Chambre on Saturday night for the first time and arrived at 9.30pm and upon arriving there were 4 blokes dressed in scruffy jeans & trainers trying to open the security shutter. We thought that La Chambre was supposed to be a professionally run club (first impressions didn't show this in anyway looked more like a working menís club or seedy strip club from outside) and it wasn't what we expected and decided to save the £30 entrance fee and get our kicks elsewhere. In future we'll be going to the Liberty Elite instead. Sorry but La Chambre was very disappointing to us. If the outside was like that then whatís the inside like. Clair and Steve (Sheffield)"

J.Pollock says "We went to the club about a month ago on a Saturday night for the 1st time.
I had to put on this after reading the last review which we didn't agree with. We found all areas of the club clean and tidy. The bar area had a really good atmosphere. The staff were very friendly, we thought it was very busy and got talking to loads of couples all of who said that this was a quite night. We had an excellent evening. If I had to complain about anything the light in the playroom we were in was slightly too bright. We've always found it a good idea to give all clubs more than one visit as they are different every time we go. J.Pollock (Rotherham)"

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