Liberation - Lutterworth

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"Liberation is situated within easy reach of both M1 and M6 the club where the parties are held (Liberty Elite). Members only and singles must attend an interview to gain membership. There is a wet area and multiple play rooms." For more swingers clubs click here.

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Fred says "I've been to Liberty Elite twice on the first Friday of the month when they hold their 'Ladies Pleasure Evenings' and had a fabulous time on both occasions. The club is luxurious and has a very relaxed atmosphere about it... I found that the people who were there were extremely friendly and polite and it was wonderful to see that everyone had made such an effort to 'dress to impress'. The bar area and cosy snug are both far enough away from the play areas for people who are 'dipping their toes in' not to find it too 'in your face'. Once through the doors toward the jacuzzi things do change... the main group room was extremely busy on the nights I attended... but I was happy to see that single gents did not pester the ladies but waited to be invited... no unwanted groping going on like some venues I've visited! I would rate Liberty Elite very highly... a refundable deposit gets you a locker key and the softest, fluffiest, whitest robe I've ever seen!! The nights I attended included a buffet... great 'finger food'... nothing too heavy, just enough to get your energy up! Everything about Liberty Elite just oozes luxury... even down to the nice touches of hand and body lotion, and bowls of mints, in the gleaming ladies toilets... a far cry from some of the sit on the loo and keep your foot on the door facilities I've seen in some clubs!!! Fred (Rugby)"

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