Our Place 4 Fun - London

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"Our Place 4 Fun is a members only club with private lockable play rooms with two way viewing mirror and many more features. Video/dance & bar area, floor to ceiling glass walls view from main Chill Out Lounge, well ventilated & heated" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Gary says "We visited Our Place 4 Fun for the first time last weekend (August 06) and this was our first time at any swinging venue. When we arrived, we were given a tour of the different rooms and a run down of the rules, making it clear that the most important of these is that the women have the power. We immediately started chatting to other couples and single men, all of whom were very friendly and respectful. The atmosphere is very much 'no pressure'. There was a quite high ratio of single men to couples on the night we went, although from the regulars we spoke to it seems that there is normally more of a balance. Still, there was plenty of action going on both in the locked room, and in the 'white line' areas which are a great idea. We played in several different areas and our displays seemed to be appreciated. We felt in full control at all times, even with the slightly higher than normal number of single men. Quite apart from the sex, it's a good place to just hang out and chat with friendly and open-minded people. Gary (London)"

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