Partners - Bury

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"Partners offers free membership for couples and single ladies. Open Wednesday to Sunday with a jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, sun beds and plunge pool. Several other play rooms including a maze, orgy room and harness room." For more swingers clubs click here.

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Julie and Wayne say "The staff at Partners are friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere is OK. The main problem is the lack of a large lounge area to sit and chat to people. The club looks better on their website than it really is, but that could be improved by a bit of TLC. It's easy for people to criticise clubs but surely we'd be better to make constructive suggestions to the owners via these sites so that they can improve their club for the benefit of us all? We really must remember that swingers clubs are still few and far between and we have a very limited choice. Once in Partners we were handed towels and shown around the downstairs area by a friendly member of staff and told the bar was upstairs. He showed us the changing room and we proceeded to change. I had a fairly revealing outfit which I wear and feel quite at ease in at our usual club. Somehow I didn't at Partners and I hadn't even left the changing room! All the women I saw were 'wearing' their towels so I wrapped mine around me too! We went upstairs to the bar and I was very glad I had brought my towel - everyone else was fully clothed!! I have to say we found it quite bizarre! We were in a swinging club but the telly was on showing a soap!! People were sitting around eating sandwiches as though they were in a cafe and I felt decidedly underdressed!! Partners was ok in that it was clean, staff friendly and certainly no-one was pushy. But it was not what we had anticipated at all and not at all like our previous swinging experiences. Did we just go to Partners on the wrong night? Is this normal for a couple’s only night? Julie and Wayne (Blackburn)"

Bob and Fran say "We have been going to Partners on a regular basis for over 18 months but reading this you may feel that we do not like Partners in fact it is probably the best swingers club in the northwest but it is slipping! With new clubs opening all the time if Partners want to stay the best they need to address the following. As you leave the wet area going up the back stairs there is a floor covering maybe it was a carpet at some time I really don't know whatever it is it needs replacing As when we come out of the pool to go upstairs I cringe at the thought of walking over it in bear feet! The beds are always, well I won't say stained but there are always marks that look like, should we say body fluid! For some reason all the cushions have gone these need replacing as a matter of urgency they also need the covers on the cushions washing now and again! The private rooms also have no cushions and are far to hot the beds are need recovering at some time in the near future! We used to go to Partners on a Saturday night, we now go on a Thursday night we will not go again on a Saturday Night! We understand that the management make a lot of money on the singles males but when you cannot get out of the couples room because they are totally blocking the exit and they are following couples around in packs that's when we stopped going on a Saturday. Bob and Fran (Whitefield)"

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