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"Pleasures in Kent is a private house in Kent which holds parties every Saturday. Couples only with some nights being open to select singles and no membership fees. A strictly pay as you go club.  Nine playrooms, a spa and a pole dance room." For more swingers clubs click here.

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Anon says "What a place Pleasures is! We have been talking about trying swinging for years but never had the balls to take it any further until the subject cropped back up a few months ago. We decided to do some research into local clubs and the only one to stand out was Pleasures. It took a few weeks to get the nerves to make a phone call and after talking to Steve for a few minutes we decided to try it out. All day Saturday I for one was a complete bag of nerves, not knowing what to expect. We turned up at the door and were greeted by Steve and Maggie. From that very moment we felt so much at ease. We were given a tour of the house and were introduces to the staff who were strangely enough normal people. We got a drink and sat with a great couple and ended up spending the whole evening with them. What an experience!!! Steve, Maggie and all the staff, fantastic. House cleanliness and facilities, fantastic. The time we both had on Saturday night. Fantastic. It doesnít get much better than that. Advice Go, lose your hang-ups, and relax, you donít have to do anything if you donít want to. Its not full of perverts, just normal people who like to take things to a different level, thatís the reason you want to go anyway. Try it. Its fun and if you donít hook up with anyone you can still have fun on your own! Anon (Canterbury)"

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