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"Secrets for Sharing is a large country house with ample parking and capable of holding 50 couples. It has 4 play rooms and a Jacuzzi. Couples only and all parties begin on Saturday and finish early hours of Monday morning if people are still playing." For more swingers clubs click here.

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Mandy and Dean say "We visited Secrets in Totnes and were very disappointed. We were very surprised that although the facilities were great, the club was very tame. Most of the people were around 50 odd, and we spoke to quite a few people who said they were grandparents! There was one girl of 27, the rest were from around 48 to over 60. It was very much just "same room fun" just people in dark rooms doing it very discretely with their own partners, not everyone joining in, no wanking, no girls giving oral to anyone who wants it, nothing horny at all just a waste of time and money. Mandy and Dean (Exeter)"

Rachel and Paul say "We have been to "Secrets" in Totnes Devon on several occasions now. We love the place, great hosts and the food is real good too! There are at least 4 themed rooms from brightly lit to pitch black, a sex swing and a Jacuzzi too. There are people from all ages, so you should find someone play with if you ask nicely. The fancy dress nights are a laugh if you make the effort you can get a free visit next time, however you donít have to dress up. We would recommend the club to everyone and if we had our way we would be at every party! Rachel and Paul (Plymouth)"

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