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"Starkers Club is a members only club where everyone is totally naked with a concession for women to wear a thong or g-string.  Various venues around the London area.  Fully heated and air conditioned for comfort." For more swingers clubs click here.

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J.King says "We've been a few times to the Starkers Club this year. The first time we went was in London Bridge at the Arches club and there were 300 people there. There were more men than women but that is because they admit single men. There were still plenty of girls there for me and my girlfriend loved seeing all the naked guys! We go because we find it really horny dancing naked and being admired. I think if you are a single guy just going because you want to get something on or stare at a naked woman cos you haven't seen one for ages then you are going out for the wrong reason and people like you put others off going to events like this, which is a shame. We love it and have been three times this year. The Starkers Club has now moved from the venue in London Bridge to one in Shoreditch. J.King (South East)"

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