The Office - Bristol

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"The Office is a private members club open Friday and Saturday nights. Developing with new rooms opening all the time to add to the already completed dark room, dungeon, couples room and pole dance room. Couples and TVs free" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Ken and Sindy say "We were pleasantly surprised how large the Office was, with a dark room, disco, lounge, bar and 2 playrooms. The hosts were excellent and chatted to most people throughout the night. The general consensus of opinion chatting to other couples was that there is nowhere intimate and private that couples can go to as there are no doors on the rooms, and of course the singles have free access. A couple of suggestions would be to make 1 of the rooms couples only, put on a door and sign it couples only, and to slow down the music occasionally for a slower dance? Ken and Sindy (Cirencester)"

Sam and Sam say "Great directions to the Office and welcomed by the car park attendant who was friendly sort of bloke. Sonia and Simon were a great couple who have are natural hosts in this lovely club. Had a look at the new dungeon room which is being developed and although not my scene will be excellent fun for S & M lovers. Particularly liked the cargo net / love swing they had in there. ;-) The bar is well stocked with soft drinks and their happy to store your own alcoholic ones.
What a night loads of erotic fun and the greedy girls were totally insatiable. A guy there told me that Simon always checks the ladies are well aware of what the night is all about, so there are no surprises. If you're a couple get down there, a friendlier couple or vibe you couldn't get. Sam and Sam (Wittering)"

Anon says "The Office is one of the grubbiest clubs in the country on the fourth floor of a disused office block in the middle of a trading estate. Everywhere just screams 'tacky' from the decor to the people...who seemed to be sitting around in t-shirts, jeans and cardigans all enjoying their 'beer and fags' and no obvious sign of any playing. If it hadn't been for the, incredibly poor quality, porn playing in a corner it would have seemed like 'Saturday night in your local working men's club'. Now, some people love that kind of tack and you may love this place, but, if you are looking for a more 'upmarket' and 'sophisticated' experience then the Office is not the place for you. Sorry, have to post this review 'Anon' but, believe me, this is a very genuine review from two people who have been swinging for a very long time. Anon"

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