The Old hell Fire Club - London

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"The Old Hell Fire Club has a policy where the first 5 single ladies are free and single males are selected on application. Parties on Friday and Saturday nights. Half price concessions on the introduction of new couples and single ladies. Set in Londonís Hyde Park" For more swingers clubs click here.

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Mick Traynor says "Went on a Saturday to the Old Hellfire Club which, was quite busy and had a bad ratio of men to women with far too many men. On a plus note the hostess was lovely, and the atmosphere very relaxed, with well educated and cultured people around. Great venue, lots of space. My advice, keep the ratio down, simply too many guys and not enough women. Will go again due to atmosphere and people, but if you are a single male (like me), donít expect too much sex. Mick Traynor (London)"

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