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Contact Swingers using our free "swingers mail" system. You can send and receive unlimited Swing mail to swingers adverts. Search through literally thousands of swingers profiles or filter them to match your criteria. On finding someone you are particularly interested in simply click "send mail" and begin making contact with other swingers, maybe this is going to be the beginning of your journey to fulfilling your sexual fantasies. Add photos or video clips to your adult personal mail to fellow UK Swingers so that they can have a clearer view of who you are, and make use of our On-Line Mail Alerts so that you know as soon as other swingers have contacted you. Keep checking sent Swing mail to see if your adult contact has been read and set Auto reply to people not matching your criteria. Filter your mail for Premium Sensual Swingers only or accept from everyone. The choice is yours! 

Recipe for Success:-

  • Read profiles carefully and make the mail relevant to that person.
  • Do not send the same mail to everyone!
  • Keep your initial contact polite and respectful and not too "full on".
  • Be honest about yourself.
  • Always answer mail even if just to say "no thanks".
  • Attach pictures to your mail it shows people who you are.
  • For more tips on successful swinging Click Here

Remember contacting swingers is totally free so the more mail you send the more chance you have of making contacts and meeting up with swingers.

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