Glory Hole, Cruising and Cottaging Locations

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The use of public toilets for Glory Holes, Cruising and Gay Cottaging locations are not new to the UK but have become more infamous after the George Michael affair in the US. 
The writing on the wall such as ‘to get your cock sucked be here on 30th February 2004’ and ‘To meet here for cruising phone 07070 696969’ or words to that effect are commonplace in most public conveniences but lack reliability. It’s mainly word of mouth and postings on internet forums that give a cottaging or cruising spot or glory hole credibility.

For many years public conveniences have been used by gay men for "cruising" (random sexual contact). Public toilets used for cottaging, cruising and glory holes are often referred to as ‘Roman tea rooms’.

  • Cottaging is the act of homosexual sex taking place in a public convenience. One perpetrator takes a carrier bag and places it between their feet to give the impression of a man answering the call of nature with shopping placed on the floor. The second perpetrator stands in the carrier bag, hiding his feet and disguising the fact he is stood facing and indeed being fellated by the first perpetrator.
  • Glory Holes are holes cut into toilet cubicle walls. This allows a man to place his penis in the hole to be fellated by an anonymous person the other side of the wall.
  • Cruising is the act of soliciting sex in public conveniences with anonymous partners.

There are a growing number of "Roman Tea Rooms", "Cottaging / "Cruising" /"Glory Hole" locations  throughout the UK, many of which are listed below. 

Many of these locations have been contributed by our members directly or have been added from our forums. If you know of any more locations please don't hesitate to contact us so we can add them to our list.

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