Safe Sex and Swinging

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Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among swingers is uncommon as those involved in swinging generally are better educated about safe sex and sexual responsibility and so know how important it is to protect themselves (the fact that you are reading this now shows your responsibility and therefore less likely of catching an STI). It’s interesting to note that since 1986 there has been only one reported case of HIV infection in the swinging community. However with the increase of STIs generally in the UK, we felt it was important for new people to the scene (and ones that have been here for a while and wanting to update their knowledge) to have access to as much information as possible to keep themselves safe.

There are always risks of contracting any form of sexually transmitted diseases when you have sex. If you follow a few basic principles you can reduce this risk massively.

  • Honesty- Swinging is principally about having an open style relationship. Individuals have no need to lie about their partners or activities thus a person’s full sexual history can be known reducing the risk of disease.
  • Use Condoms- The best and easiest preventive is the use of condoms during sex whether this is vaginal, anal or oral sex. If you wear condoms properly, chances are slim that you will contract AIDS or any other STI through this lifestyle.
  • Regular Testing- If you have multiple partners you should get STI tested every 4 - 6 months for your own peace of mind and to catch STI’s in their ‘infancy’, by so doing many can be easily cured. Do not be afraid to go along for a check up if you suspect you may have caught something. If left untreated some STI’s can cause death.
  • Follow Up- With all infections, remember to go back for the follow up. Failure to do so could mean that the infection is still there, and you could re-infect.
  • Stay Informed- By knowing what STIs are out there and by being able to spot the most obvious symptoms, you’ll be better prepared to make informed decisions about what risks you are prepared to take and what risks you are prepared to expose your partners to (See below for the main infections and click on the links to find out more information).


If there are any health workers that could help us keep our pages updated please mail us as we are very aware that new research and information is constantly being published on Sexual Health. Your help would be much appreciated.

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