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My husband and I were best friends with John and Tara who we met at a swingers club in Manchester a few years ago. Since we met we have been on holidays and day trips and always go to clubs together. They even came to our daughter’s 18th birthday party so we are very close.

What had never happened was none of us had met without our partners but my husband had got a new job and had to go on a course in Oxford. We discussed it at length and decided I could go and see John and Tara on my own as long as my hubby got me and Tara when he got back. I phoned Tara and put it to her and she was over the moon at the idea so we arranged a trip to the club.  I promised my husband I would only play with John and Tara and he was ok with that. As it happened we did no playing at the club, just had a laugh. It was when we got back to theirs the fun started.

As John got the drinks sorted Tara put on some music. It was a song that had Soft cells ‘tainted love’ re-mixed. I mentioned I remembered it from university and Tara came over and started dancing with me and told me she remembered the song well.

It reminded her of her first bi-sexual fling in the students union bar toilets. I noticed it had really brought back memories as she grinded her hips on my thigh.

“Fuckin hell” said John from the doorway

“No touching for you” said Tara “she’s mine tonight”

Tara and I had never done anything together alone. We had a bit of a fondle and a kiss while we were having a 4some but nothing more.

“In that case I’m getting the camera” said John and he ran upstairs and returned in seconds with the camera switched on and ready. By the time he’d got back Tara and I were topless and it felt so good to have her boobs pressed against mine. She had her skirt hitched up round her waist and her bare legs were rubbing on mine. She was slowly pulling my dress up and eventually it went over my head and was tossed onto the sofa.

John started directing us but Tara told him “If you’re gonna ruin the mood you can fuck off upstairs and have a wank”

John went quiet and after a few minutes the only reason we knew he was there was because of the camera flash. We stood naked still dancing in the most provocative way that it must have been killing him but he just kept snapping away. I stole a glance at him and he was sat on the arm chair naked wanking with one hand and photographing with the other.

Tara was kissing me and her tongue was searching for mine. She had one hand on my bum and the other was probing my pussy   which was absolutely soaking wet. I was so taken up with the feeling I had forgotten to return the favour. I slid my hand up Tara’s thigh and she gasped as my finger tips made contact with her neatly trimmed bush then parted her lips. She shuddered and pulled me down towards the floor still kissing me.

I sensed movement and saw Tara taking a dildo from John who then sat back in the chair and carried on photographing us. We lay on our sides and I could smell the sweetness of her pussy. Just as my tongue made contact with her clit I felt the head of the dildo push against my lips then slide its way into me. I felt myself contracting and felt my pussy clamp around it. I went dizzy and then I felt Tara start to buck and writhe at my tongue flicking her clit. We both came and she said to John “get here now and fuck me for God’s sake”

John was there like a shot and began pumping in and out of Tara doggy style as I lay underneath her alternating between her clit and his balls. He pulled out from her and shot cum all over her pussy and arse which then dripped onto my waiting tongue.

We sat at the pc after and looked at the photos. When my husband came home I showed him the pics and got treated to the best sex we ever had.  He can’t wait for his turn to watch Tara and me and neither can I? Cindy (Prestwich)

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