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There is obviously a name for what I have. It’s a paraphilia I know but I’m unsure of the name. I love black women. It’s not as simple as just wanting to bone Beyonce or the Williams sisters. It’s every black woman. There are a lot of white women who prefer black men, I’m the male equivalent. White women just don’t turn me on but black women do regardless of size and shape and looks. It’s the two tone of my pale skin against dark skin that does it.

The earliest memory I have of this paraphilia is when I was at school. I went to a college in North Yorkshire where there were very few Black or Asian children and it was predominantly white. Kids are evil and the only black family, the Goodhalls, that had children at the college were the target of a lot of racial abuse but I couldn’t see why. I was infatuated by Celine, the daughter or Mr and Mrs Goodhall. She had her hair in beaded plaits and perfect heavy lips. Her figure was athletic and she was a dream. I just never plucked up courage to ask her out.

I left North Yorkshire and moved to Leeds with my job and got a flat in the City. My first day at work was amazing. We had five black girls work in the office and the first week I got nothing done. I just stared and daydreamed.

One Friday I found an excuse to talk to Shanice who reminded me so much of Celine. We chatted and I asked what she was up to over the weekend. She told me her and her friends were going into town to a club that night and a different club Saturday. I mentioned I may go back up to North Yorkshire as I didn’t know anyone in Leeds. Shanice asked why I hadn’t asked anyone out and for a moment I was thinking of coming clean about my preference but I didn’t in case she thought personality didn’t matter. It did of course if we were talking long term relationships. I just said I was a bit shy on week one and didn’t want to tread on anyone’s toes. Shanice told me to go along to the club Saturday and they would make me at home but Friday night was for her and her sisters.

I went along Saturday night and saw Shanice and Trudy from work at the bar. Shanice waved me over and I got drinks all round and chatted with the group. Trudy asked if I wanted to join them for a dance and not wanting to appear a party pooper I agreed.

They were all fantastic dancers and I felt very self-conscious as I clumsily moved to the music. After a few songs we went back to the bar. A song began to play and Trudy said she loved the tune and asked who would go back and dance. No one offered so she turned and took my hand and dragged me out to dance. After the song we made our way back to the rest. Trudy nipped off to the ladies and Shanice asked boldly when I was going to make a move on Trudy. I was shocked that a girl like Trudy fancied me but decided to ask her back to my flat for coffee.
When Trudy returned she told us all she felt a bit off and wanted to go home. She lived in Farsley near me and asked if I minded taking her home in a taxi? Shanice nudged me as if to let me know that this was my cue and winked at me.
We waited for a cab and Trudy turned and asked if I had any decent coffee. I asked if she was feeling better and she turned to me and said “I never felt ill to start with. I wanted to get you on your own”

We got back to my flat and as I stood in the kitchen making coffee I heard Trudy walking in behind me. I waited for her to speak but instead felt her arms slip round my waist and spin me round to face her. She leant forward and started to kiss me. It felt amazing. Imagine going without water for days then having a drink. It felt like that. Like something I needed so desperately was mine at last.

Trudy pressed her firm athletic body against me and I slid my hands round her back and down to her curvy bum. Each touch I felt sent shock waves through me. Without realising I was fully erect and Trudy was more than aware of it. She ground her hips against me and pushed against my swollen solid member. She broke away from our kiss and said “Show me your room”

We went straight to it and once inside Trudy reached behind her neck and unfastened her halter neck dress and let it slide to the floor. I stood in awe at the sight.

She had full breasts with jet black nipples sitting perfectly and proud. Her thighs were thick and strong and every part of her glistened in the dim light. She walked toward me and began to undo my shirt buttons.

I helped and she started on my belt, then trouser buttons. We stood naked and kissed again and this time Trudy reached down and took me in hand, working my shaft back and forth. I squeezed her ample bosom and then moved my hand down between her magnificent thighs. She was so smooth and warm and moist. She broke the contact and sank to her knees still stroking my hard cock and then ran her tongue round the tip. The wet pink tongue protruding from the full thick black lips was incredible to see. Even better was the full length of my pale shaft sliding between the lips deep into Trudy’s mouth.

After a few minutes and sensing she had brought me to the brink of cumming she stood and took me by the hand and laid back onto my bed. I followed and moved between her powerful thighs but then slid back taking her by surprise. I could smell the sweetness of her pussy and couldn’t wait to taste it. I touched it so lightly with my tongue and Turdy bucked her hips then tried to sit up and push me away. I looked into her big brown eyes searching for guidance and was reassured to hear her say “I’ll cum too quick”

I gently but firmly pushed her back and said “And then you can cum again after” 
She wasn’t kidding. I ran my tongue up and down her lips and as soon as it touched the clitoris her thighs clamped around my head and Trudy screamed. She shuddered and bucked and I felt so good about what I’d just done. As Trudy relaxed her legs from my head I moved up the bed and kissed her. She lifted her hips and took my cock and guided me into her. She was still in the throes of orgasm and I could feel her contracting and dilating, squeezing my penis, milking the cum from deep in my balls along the length of me. My shaft swelled and pushed against the warm soft walls of Trudy’s pussy sending her into spasm again which in turn made me explode inside her.

We saw each other for about a year and then Trudy took over her Father’s business in Nigeria. I moved onto Bradford in a new job and decided to keep in touch with my old work mates. It worked out well as I’m now seeing Shanice and in a couple of months there is a college reunion. Yes I checked the list and yes, Celine is going!

Tony (Bradford)

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