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I always wondered what it would be like to see someone I knew on Sensual Swingers. Well I know now!

It was one afternoon when I was browsing through the profiles after Mark and I decided that this weekend we fancied getting in touch with another couple for a full swap. We’d done it a few times and enjoyed it more than  soft swing. Obviously I started my search in our local area of Yorkshire and couples and narrowed the age group down to suit our own, between 30 and 40. It was the first time I’d looked through the search facility because I usually picked people from the chat room as I could watch them chat and get a feel for the kind of person they were.

There on the second page was a couple I knew!

They were from Sheffield like we were and I worked with her in Meadowhall.  I couldn’t believe it. Should I contact them or not? And what if they had seen mine and Mark’s pictures?

I was half way between panic and excitement. I felt like deleting my pictures straight away but I waited for Mark to come home from work.  He’d never met Sheena and Roy but I had mentioned them. I had met Roy when he picked Sheena up from work a couple of times and always thought he was a good looking bloke and he and Sheena were a good match.

I bookmarked the page and sat and thought about it for a while. I was bi and so was Sheena by her profile. What if we didn’t click? Would it make life a bit uncomfortable at work?

Mark got home just after 5pm and I showed him my discovery. All he could do was make a comment about Sheena’s figure and how he’d love to see me playing with it. The decision was down to me by the look of it. And I decided to mail them and just make it look like I had sent an email to lots of people and would act surprised when we got a reply.  We had tea and sat and waited for a response as we chatted away in the chat room.

The minutes ticked by and I realised they might just want to deny they had got the message and pretend it wasn’t them. I imagined all sorts of scenarios. What if this and what if that? Then about 7pm they came onto the chat room and pm’d more or less straight away. I was panicking but Mark took over and waited for their opener.

“Hi. Do we know each other?” they typed

Mark answered “My missus works with you”

I started pacing round the room not knowing what to do then Mark called me over.

I looked to see what they had typed and was shocked.

“Sheena fancies her rotten m8” Roy had typed “and so do I!”

Mark answered with a comment that Sheena looked stunning and we were on. We arranged to meet in town the next night and make a night of it then go back to theirs. I had never been to Sheena’s house as we weren’t mates or anything but just knew each other. We didn’t realise we had something in common.

What was it going to be like on Monday at work? What if we didn’t get on? What if we did? I was rabbitting on at Mark like a woman possessed but he just gave me a hug and said “They’re on there, we’re on there and we’ll have to be honest and up front about feeling nervous and worried babe”

He was right and I was calming down at last.

Saturday night came and we waited in Yates for Sheena and Roy and when they arrived it was so much more relaxed than I had thought. Sheena and I chatted about work and Roy and Mark talked about Sheffield Wednesday and it was like we were a normal 4 some out for a drink. 

After a great night out we went back to Sheena and Roy’s and had a few more drinks. Sheena gave me the guided tour and Mark and Roy sat and looked through Roy’s porn dvd collection. Sheena’s house was lovely, like a show home, and as we got to the bedroom I had already decided Mark had some decorating to do. I looked around the bedroom and told Sheena the thick shag pile carpet was gorgeous.

She told me to take off my shoes and feel it with my bare feet. It felt so deep and warm and as I closed my eyes in a mixture of being a bit merry and the feel of the carpet I felt Sheena’s warm breath on my shoulder then felt her lips touch my skin. Her hands slipped round my waist as she stood behind me and I tilted my head forward to let my hair fall away to expose my neck.

Sheena took this as a sign to undo my halter neck top and although that’s not what I meant I was happy she did. Her nimble fingers cupped my bare boobs and she rolled each nipple between her finger and thumb. She bit my shoulder, not hard but enough to make me let out a little gasp and she squeezed my nipples hard as she did. I felt my pussy twinge and felt Sheena grind her hips into my bum. I reached behind and pulled her hips into me. I turned and we kissed, running our fingers through each others hair. I unzipped the back of Sheena’s dress and it fell to the floor. I leant back to see what I had just un wrapped and she stood tanned and shaven and naked except for a pair of hold up stockings and high heels.

She repaid me by unzipping my skirt and that too fell to the lush carpet and all I wore now was a g-string and boots. Before I knew it Sheena had gently pushed me back onto the bed and as I lay prostrate I felt her lips touch my inner thigh. I shuddered and grabbed her hair stroking her head and lifting my pelvis up to meet her kiss. As her tongue parted me I writhed on the soft bed and threw my arms above my head and grabbed at the quilt, wrapping my legs around her shoulders, pulling her closer, inviting her tongue to probe deeper.

She obliged and began to part me with her fingers, slipping one into me and stroking gently as her tongue darted over my clit. I hadn’t noticed that one hand had slipped under the bed and had retrieved a small vibrator until I heard a click then the buzzing noise. As it made contact with the hood of my clit I came so hard I almost passed out.

As I regained my senses I became aware that Sheena had positioned herself above me and we lay on the bed head to toe and began licking and kissing and sucking each other. It was seconds before I came again and again and Sheena’s skilful fingers and tongue were driving me crazy. Sheena passed the small vibrator back to me and I began to massage her with it. She came and bucked her hips almost to the point where we both fell off the bed. As the orgasm subsided she collapse on top of me and we lay there in a warm afterglow which was disturbed by a round of applause from the doorway.

Mark and Roy had been watching and had a look on their faces that was obvious…..they wanted in on the fun. Sheena got up off the bed and led Mark over and began to strip his clothes. Roy made his way to me......Sarah (Sheffield)

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