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My friend Stephen was 30 years old and was an athletic 6’2” tall. His face had perfect bone structure and beautiful brown eyes, sensuous lips and short black hair. Most people thought when they looked at Stephen how wonderful it would be to be kissed by his full round erotic lips.

We were on a rugby tour and about to take a night out on the town. We were changing in the room we were sharing at a hotel in Leeds. I watched as he began to undress. He was standing there in his tight black Calvin Klein boxers.

He began to pull them down to reveal his beautifully trimmed bush and the root of his fat cock.

I got a flurry of butterflies in my stomach and as if by command his cock stood to full attention. At that moment I suddenly felt very uncomfortable. I wasn't sure what was happening but had never been this turned on. The strangest thing then happened, I leant forward and gave Stephen a slow kiss on the lips. We sat in silence until Stephen said "Right mate, you get a shower and I'll get changed then we'll hit the town” I thought “what the hell am I doing? He's a fuckin guy! I'm not gay!” Stephen had always been a tactile kind of guy, lots of bear hugs and wrestling and grappling in rugby. All the time that this was going through my mind I noticed that Stephen had not taken his eyes off my naked body as I finished towelling myself off. I was kind of enjoying being the object of his desire.

We had a great night out and were the worse for wear when we got back to the hotel. We hit the mini bar and Stephen put the TV on and found MTV on sky. He began to move along to the music and eventually started dancing with me, like a waltz at a safe distance from each other. Just then Stephen spun me around so I came to a halt with my back pressed right up against him. He then wrapped his arms around my waist and swayed his hips to the music as his groin was pressed firmly against my arse forcing me to move along with him. His hand moved and began to rub my groin. He undid my trousers and pushed his hand in my shorts to grab a hand full of cock. He pushed me back onto the bed, spread my legs wide open and started tonguing my arse. He looked me in the eye and then swallowed the whole length of me. I moved around the bed to come face to face with Stephen’s length then after teasing the tip with my tongue I began gulping down the whole shaft. We must have been like that for ages and only when we had both emptied each others swollen balls did we lay side by side stroking each other.
I looked at Stephen in the eye and said “After a little nap you can show me what you can really do hey?” Stephen just smiled at the fact we had opened Pandora’s box and couldn’t wait to start again….Brian (Hinckley)

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