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One afternoon on chat I was talking to my chat friend and she invited me and all the other girls of the group to a meet. It was a long time since we met together at the Nottingham Social: marriages, work trouble, a lot of things that made our friendship a little difficult. But this time, Linda wanted to invite all of us to have a nice afternoon all together. I wanted to appear as best as I could, and I decided to wear an outfit just like I was going to meet a lover: my favourite beige suede dress, short on my knees, my brown leather boots, and my black bra and black transparent thong.

We all love to drink and have fun so after the restaurant we went to a club and kept on drinking and dancing. It was late and Linda and Sarah, who came with me in my car, had disappeared and it was time to go home. I went to Sue and the others to say goodbye.
“Are you feeling okay? Have you drunk too much to drive?” She asked me, but she was more drunk than me!
“Don’t worry, Sue hun, I feel fine!” I said “Take a look at you and the other girls! See you soon!”
I left the club, a little tired, but also very happy to have met my chat friends, and also a little excited.
It was time to go back home to my husband, so I started my car and drove home , with my head a little light through a glass of white wine and tiredness.

Suddenly, my car began to go slower and there was a strange noise and I thought that maybe I should find a place to stop. It was a country road, and I finally found a little lay-by on the side of the lane. It was three o’clock in the morning and home was miles away.

I decided to call my boyfriend Dan. I sat in my car, waiting for him to come when
I heard a car coming. It slowed and pulled up along side me and the driver leant over to his open window and asked
“Hey, do you need some help?”
He got out of his car, coming towards me. I could see that he was a decent and nice looking man wearing a blue shirt and a pair of jeans, and his face looked familiar.
“I’m ok, thanks” I answered. “My boyfriend is coming to fetch me soon, but if you can help me, I could call him to tell him that I can make it back home”
He tried to start my engine, but it didn’t work so he opened the bonnet and I tried to help him with a torch.
“Mmmmm…. I’m not a mechanic but there is a fuel smell, maybe you have problems with the fuel filter or pump. I think you really need a mechanic, I’m not sure”
“Oh, ok” I sighed “thanks anyway”
“I’m Jim by the way” he said
“I’m Maria, nice to meet you” I replied shaking his hand
“You were at the club earlier, is that right? Now I remember you dancing there.”
“Oh, yes, I was there with some friends of mine”
“You were the prettiest of the group and also the sexiest one”

I was a little embarrassed but his comments made me feel very flattered and something was turning me on, I don’t know why. I watched Jim’s eyes, perplexed about what to do. He came a little closer. Something in my eyes probably betrayed my real state of mind, and Jim came closer to me. I felt his hands on my hips, and I tried to back away I found myself with my back to the car.
“And I think you are also a little excited” he said as he cornered me.

His hands blocked me moving and he got closer to kiss me. I felt his tongue in my mouth. It didn’t take me long to abandon myself so I started to move my tongue into his mouth too, opening my lips in a very passionate kiss. His hands ran over my hips, pulling me hard into him and moved up, looking for my breasts. I was beginning to lose my mind. His hands touched my breasts and I thrust my tongue deeper into Jim’s mouth, feeling him swell.

His hands left my breasts and moved down finding my legs, caressing my thighs, finding the top of my stockings and then my naked flesh. He started to kiss my breasts, his hands finding my panties, pulling them to the side a little to feel my wet pussy.
His lips moved down my body, down, finding my pierced belly button, and down again, to my pussy. I feel his tongue brush my clit, and probe deep. I’m wet as never before but now it’s my turn, and he knew!

He invited me to drop to my knees, driving my head from the back, and pushing his hard cock into my mouth entirely. He tasted good and I sucked eagerly while he pulled my head holding my hair, making me feel like a real slut. He helped me to stand up and I put my hands on the car bonnet. He kicked my legs apart with his foot holding my hips from behind and he finally penetrated me, starting to fuck my pussy gently, but then growing faster, and deeper, and faster and deeper.

We were abandoned completely and didn’t notice that a car had stopped. But we heard footsteps and there stood Linda and Sarah. They started to fondle each other as they looked on at Jim and me. I didn’t know what to do but Jim didn't seem to care and continued fucking me hard. I was very confused, but to be fucked from the back and watch my two friends playing with their pussies was driving me completely out of mind.
“Do you want to let them join in?” asked Jim suddenly!
I didn’t know how to answer and the only sound I could make was “Mmmmmmm”
“ Come on, girls! This lady needs more attention”
I lost control with the three pairs of hands touching my body everywhere sucking my lips, my breasts, kissing me everywhere, my mouth, my belly, my pussy, my bum, my legs, and I tasted them, letting them penetrate me one by one with their fingers into my wet pussy. They used me as a slut the stranger and my friends. I didn’t care when I heard the sound of another car stopping nearby. A silhouette of a man got out and opened his pants, and started to stroke his cock.

Now I’m spread on my car, with Jim fucking my mouth, and Linda who was penetrating my pussy with her tongue and Sarah caressing me, while I stroke her boobs. I didn’t see the other man’s face but I saw that he was still stroking himself.

Jim called to him “Hey mate, don’t you want to use this slut too? It’s free only for tonight! She’s nice and pretty and sweet, and very sexy. But she’s insatiable”
“Okay!” says the man.
I recognised the voice….. My boyfriend Dan! He came close to me, pushing his cock into my mouth. I looked into his eyes, trying to understand if he was angry with me but he watched me for a moment, whispering:
“Don’t worry, love. It’s nothing but a game” and then with louder voice, so the others could hear him “What a surprise! I came here looking for my girlfriend, and I have found a dirty slut!”

Everybody laughed, except me, I was much too embarrassed to laugh, but also too excited to stop what I was doing. All of them fucked me one by one. I had one cock in my mouth and one cock in my pussy and a lot of hands caressing me. They used me on my car for a long time, and finally Jim got me on my knees again in front of the car. He pulled my head forward and I opened my mouth to receive his cock while the girls and Dan watched and stroked. Jim took his cock off from my mouth and I watched his eyes while a hot spray of cum hit my mouth and my face, dripping down on my neck and my body. Then Dan exploded watching that which in turn made the girls shudder as they both came together.
I finally stood up, completely drenched, completely satisfied and completely happy, and started laughing. The others started laughing too and Jim said “Great night Maria. Hope we will meet again and Dan… Don’t buy her a new car!” Maria(Nottingham)

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