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After swinging for so many years I have played with a lot of ladies but I still remember the woman who taught me all about sex and what it can be.  She wasn’t my first but after all the fumbling and bumbling before her she might as well have been.

Her name was Lorraine and she drank in my local pub. My mum used to go to aerobics with her although she was a lot younger and she worked with my older sister.

It was one night after closing time we ended up walking home together. She told me she had just split up with her boyfriend after she found out he had been a bad boy on a stag weekend in Amsterdam and she had thrown him out. She started taking the mickey saying I was too old to live at home now and should be her lodger and pay her bills instead of letting my mum look after me. I asked if she wanted me to do the housework too and she laughed and said that was boring and she had a lot of other jobs I could do. Then said I might not be very good at doing man’s jobs.

The banter between us started getting close to the bone and as we got to her house she asked if I could make a start on a job she needed doing.

It was the first time I had been in her house and as a wet-behind-the-ear 18 year old this ‘woman’ was fascinating. The house was very sexily decorated and as she took her coat off and revealed her stunning figure I thought her ex must be mad. 

‘Coffee?’ she asked

‘Yeah please’ I said ‘nice house this’

She shouted from the kitchen ‘cheeky sod!’

I walked to the kitchen door and looked at her and asked what was cheeky. She misheard as the kettle boiled and thought I had shouted nice arse! Then she asked what I thought of her arse! I stared at it as she turned and looked over her shoulder waiting for a compliment.

‘It’s amazing’ I said still fixed on it

She turned back to face me and walked up to me then put her arms round my neck and asked if I was seeing her would I go with a hooker in Amsterdam?

‘No way’ I said ‘I wouldn’t have gone for starters’

‘How old are you?’ she asked

‘You know’ I answered

‘How old am I?’ she asked

‘26’ I answered

‘that’s right’ she said ‘and if something happened tonight between us and I wanted it to be bigger than just a bit of fun for one night would you think I’m too old for you?’

‘No!’ I answered cutting her last word off

She leant towards me and kissed me. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me feeling her curves push against me. She felt fantastic and I was hard in seconds.

‘How many times have you been with a girl?’ she whispered

‘Loads’ I said lying through my teeth

‘Not one like this you haven’t’ she growled and then dragged me to the floor tearing at my clothes. I lay on my back and felt her suck at my neck as she tugged at my belt then undid the button of my jeans.

She pushed up my T-shirt and started to suck on my nipple which no one had done before then she bit it hard. The pain was sharp but then I was overcome by a sudden rush. She was stroking my hard cock roughly and I finally got round to starting to undress her.

She kicked her jeans off and ducked as I pulled her blouse over her head. I amazed myself by unclipping her bra without the usual ten minutes of fumbling about and she rolled onto her back exposing her perfect tits. She pulled me on top of her and with a swift movement she had pulled her knickers to the side and guided me into her. She bucked her hips and rose up to meet my thrusts as we hammered away on the floor to the point where I felt I was going to explode. Sensing it she pushed me off and spun round into a 69 and started to suck on me slowly and softly. I took her lead and started to tongue her pussy slowly which really seemed to get to her.

Sensing I was about to cum again she got up and bent over the sofa and looked over her shoulder again.

‘Now you can finish me off’ she said

I positioned myself behind her and slowly slipped my length in to the hilt then started pumping away getting faster all the time. She reached between her legs and strummed her clit fast as I went at it hammer and tongs. I felt her tighten around me and she started to moan loudly then began to scream as she squirted all over me. I was so turned on I blew my stack straight away for what seemed ages and then we collapsed onto the sofa.

‘I quite like my new pupil’ she said and after catching our breath she led me upstairs for the night of my life. FunkyFun  

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