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I didn’t have a clue what dogging was until I saw someone mention it on the chat room. I found out it was meeting people in remote spots in their cars. It seemed a bit risky to me…what if the police turned up? Would I be arrested for committing a lewd act in public? But then again it did seem exciting. Actually getting it on with that risk of getting seen or getting caught. Someone was saying in the chat room that they would be dogging at a local beauty spot at 11pm tonight and it seemed like an open invite. I assumed that the couple organising it would select who they wanted to play with and the rest would basically stand and watch. Curiosity got the better of me and I typed that I would be in the area at 11pm.

My pm box opened and the couple typed in instructions of where to be exactly and what car they would be in. they said they had about 8 blokes interested but usually had about 50% actually show up. I figured I had a 1 in 4 chance then!

At 10:45pm I arrived at the car park as I had been told and reversed into a spot facing the entrance. The next 15 minutes seemed like an hour and another car arrived but not the one I expected. It parked adjacent to me facing the entrance. I assumed it was one of the other 4 blokes. I didn’t have much time to wonder because the blue Saab I was waiting for turned up right on cue.

They parked beside me about 10 yards distance between us and turned their lights on and off twice. The bloke in the other car got out and walked over to the Saab and leant in through the window. I stayed put for a while not to bustle in on him and watched.

After a few minutes the car door opened and a tall slim woman got out. She wore a long coat and had shapely stocking clad legs and heels. She manoeuvred the bloke to lean on her car and squatted down in front of him as he unzipped his fly. I sat looking at the back of her head going back and forth as the bloke tilted his head back obviously enjoying what she was doing.

Just then something caught my eye. It was the driver of the Saab beckoning me over through the open car window. I got out and walked over to them. The driver told his wife to stand up which she did and with a sweep of her hand she brushed her coat to the side revealing a shapely backside.

“You got any protection?” the driver whispered

I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a ribbed condom and tore the top of the packet with my teeth. I fumbled around trying to unzip and put it on but managed eventually. I placed a hand on the woman’s hip and steadied her. Sensing what was coming she reached back and guided me into her, all the time still taking the other bloke in her mouth.

I began to take slow long deep thrusts and was encouraged by the sound of her moaning with a mouthful. I upped the tempo and the thought that any second we might be discovered brought me to the brink in no time at all.

The guy in the car was taking pictures and with each flash of the camera it burned an image in my mind of what we were doing. I could feel my sack twitch as I came to boiling point and then I heard a car door slam shut. I whipped my head round to see where the noise came from and saw a silhouette walking towards us from the other car. The outline of the figure was that of a short plump female. I had seen someone in the chat room say that a BBW was anything from size 18 upwards…and this one was well in the BBW bracket and must have been a size 26 at least and standing only about 5’2” tall.

She approached the scene and the guy getting blown mumbled something about her being ‘his missus’ then encouraged her to get her tits out.  She stood next to him and uncupped her chest and the woman I was hanging out the back of moved her mouth from blowing the guy to the nipple of one of the huge tits next to her head and began sucking hard. The BBW started wanking the bloke and then it was all too much for me. I emptied myself totally for what seemed ages. I pulled away and stood watching the scene as the other three carried on until they had all finished.

The guy in the car leant out of the window and said “Cheers…same time next week?” as his other half buttoned her coat up and gave everyone a hug and a peck on the cheek.

We all made our way back to our cars and I sat and watched the others drive away then reached into my coat pocket to get my fags. I felt something soft and removed it to find she had stuffed her knickers in my pocket when she hugged me. A souvenir for my first dogging experience.

I drove home and logged on and sure enough the dogging couple were in the chat room. They whispered for me to check out their profile and there were the photos. All in all a good first time and I cant wait til next week. Dave (Coventry)

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