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I had been a member of Sensual Swingers for a couple of months and was about to give up hope of ever meeting people. I had sent mail, been in the chat room and nothing. Then out of the blue someone said "Hello!" I was stuck for words and could only type, "How are you?"

"Fine ty" was their reply.

A lengthy silence followed then I received a whisper "You have no pictures on your profile".

I had pictures but was unsure whether to post them or not. Then it seemed obvious…who wants to chat to someone they can’t see, let alone meet them?!!

I typed "Gonna put pics on now….brb!" I uploaded 2 of my best pictures and arranged to chat again the following day once they had been approved.

My new chat friends came on about 6pm and I whispered "Pics on profile" They replied "Seen…. looked before coming into chat" They were a couple Jake and Maz who lived about half an hour away from me and were seeking a male for MFM fun. I had seen their pictures and Maz's figure...WOW! Although in her mid forties all her curves were still in all the right places.

"Do you have a webcam?" they asked. I had and whispered them my msn address. Within minutes we were chatting cam to cam and by about 8pm had built up quite a rapport. I plucked up courage and asked if they were interested in a meet. "Meet us in the Dog and Fox pub in the centre of town at 10pm" they answered. I jumped into the shower and gave myself a once over and within an hour was on my way into town.

I arrived at about 9:45pm and sat facing the door hoping they would turn up. At five to the door opened and Jake and Maz walked in. Maz recognised me straight away smiled and waved then spoke to Jake and came over to where I sat. Jake went to the bar as Maz sat next to me and kissed me on the cheek and said, "You look a lot better in the flesh!" Jake came over with drinks and we made small talk for half an hour then Jake asked if they could have a minute to talk. I went to the gents and when I got back Maz was already in her coat. I thought they were leaving and that I’d blown it until Maz said "Ok follow us to our place and let’s have some fun" 

We arrived at their place, which was a nice semi in a quiet part of town, and I pulled onto the drive behind them. We went in and Jake asked if I wanted a drink or would I prefer to go upstairs? Maz took my hand and said "Fuck the drink…come on!" We walked into the bedroom and Maz told me Jake would join in later if that was ok by me. It was my first threesome and I told Maz hoping she wouldn’t have expected me to be experienced. 

"Ok. Lets see how we get on" she said calming me and unbuttoning my shirt. We started kissing and pulling each other’s clothes off. Maz was completely shaven and her body was firm and warm to touch.

I was erect and she reached down and started to stroke me until I felt it would burst. Sensing this she got to her knees and ran her tongue around the tip of my shaft then took me deep into her mouth and sucked hard then ran her tongue around the tip again.

"I’m gonna love this pumping in and out of me" she said as she looked up from her knees with a smile. We moved to the bed and she took me in her mouth again and swung her legs over me presenting me with her neatly shaven pussy which I buried my face in straight away. I licked and sucked and teased and listened for her moans and felt for twitches to guide me as to what she liked best. After a good twenty minutes we could both take no more and Maz moved around and sat astride me and guided me into her. She closed her eyes and moaned as she took the whole length and started to rock slowly on top of me. My head turned as the door opened and Jake stood watching. "Carry on…I’m arranging another meet on the site" he said and watched for a few more minutes before leaving.

Maz climbed off me and got on all fours then looked over her shoulder at me and said "I want it hard and fast" I got onto my knees behind her and slowly entered then froze for a few seconds before starting to push in and out of her.

She reached behind and cupped my balls in her hand teasing them as I built up speed. She released me and started to play with her clit as I got faster and harder. I could feel her pussy tightening around me as I approached the point of no return and she screamed as her legs began to shudder and she came. I could take no more I released my load deep into her. After a few minutes we both collapsed onto the bed and Jake came in.

"I take it I’ve missed it then?" he said with a smile.

"You’ll have to wait til next time" said Maz as she rubbed my semi erect cock.

We arranged to meet again and decided to search for a bi-female to join us as it is the one thing Maz hasn’t tried.

Until then it’s going to be the three of us.Watch this space!! B (Cheshire)  

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