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The local swinging club is a goldmine for me. It’s not very well known and not well advertised so has quite a few regulars. Although it took me a while to get known and make people feel comfortable with me as a single bloke it’s certainly had its rewards recently.

I recognised people from a chat room social and a lot of people at the club were from Sensual Swingers so thanks for that. It was slow to start with but as they say, once you get a foot in the door…..

I saw pictures on Sensual Swingers photo page and looked at the profile under the search facility. I sent an email and waited. I had invited the person to the local club.

A few days later I got an email back from her saying her name was Karen and she would be in the chat room from about 5pm that night and to say hello. I logged in at 5pm and sure enough there she was. We said our hello’s and took things to a pm and agreed to meet up. 

The next night at 8pm I sat in the pub round the corner from the swingers club waiting for her to arrive. I recognised a few people from the club and we waved hello to each other and yes, I would be along later. Then she walked in looking stunning. She wore a leather halter neck dress and heels. It seemed a bit much for the pub so I assumed we would be heading for the club sooner rather than later.

We decided to have a drink first then move on so I ordered the drinks and we sat in a corner and chatted.

“Are you nervous?” I asked her

“Not really” she replied “I have been to a lot of clubs and socials but this club is new to me but I’ve heard it’s nice.”

“Its one of the better ones and I have never been on Sunday night so it’s a first for me too” I said.

Sunday night was couples night and being a single bloke I had never been before. My date was very popular in the chat room and at socials and was known to be a good swinger  with a good appetite for fun so things looked promising.

We finished our drinks and made our way down the road to the club and walked in to about ten couples sat around the place having a drink and a chat.

Some of the ladies outfits were amazing but the simplicity and shortness of my dates dress was a clear winner. She was obviously a hit with everyone else because as I ordered the drinks we had our first bite from a couple I knew as Sam and Brian.

Sam I knew was extremely Bi and I forgot if Karen was or not. We hadn’t played as a full swap was their thing and I had only ever been alone before but I fancied the arse off Sam and hoped we would be lucky tonight. By the time I had our drinks any question I had about Karen’s sexuality were answered as I noticed her hand on Sam’s pert little bum. I looked at Brian who just winked as if to say Sam was happy.

We sat down and Karen sat with me on one side and Sam on the other. As the conversation developed so did their friendliness towards each other. They had gone from holding hands to stroking each others legs and now Karen had her hand down the back of Sam’s skirt and Sam had her hand on the inside of Karen’s thigh and was inching up slowly as she parted her legs.

As part of the conversation I asked Karen and Sam whether they preferred men or women. They both giggled and said in unison “Men!”

“I love a woman’s touch…” said Karen “…but you can’t beat a man inside you”

She reached over to me and started rubbing my crotch. Brian broke the spell for a second when he suggested we all go to the jacuzzi. We stripped In the changing rooms and my eyes flicked from Karen to Sam and back the whole time and was really spoilt for choice. If pushed I would say it was Karen I would like to get stuck into. Then again, this may be my only chance to play with Sam as I was usually here as a single bloke. Whatever happened would be fine with me cos I fancied them both.

We all sat in the jacuzzi and started to mess about. It was so good to see the two girls paying each other so much attention splashing each other and as soon as they got within range of each other they kissed. It was a kiss that had both Brian and I mesmerised and we couldn’t help ourselves but to start touching the girls. I stroked Karen and Sam’s bums as Brian kissed Sam’s neck and fondled Karen’s boobs. The girls had their hands under the bubbles but the way they had started to gyrate their hips gave me more than a clue to what they were doing.

I slipped my hands under both girls’ bums and found each of their hands eagerly probing and teasing the others pussy. I began to insert a finger of each hand into their pussies which had the desired effect and both girls made their embrace all the more frantic. I felt a hand take hold of my erection and start to ease it back and forth. From the grip and direction it was being pulled I knew it was Sam, and then Karen’s fingers started to massage my balls. The girls kiss broke off and Sam looked at me with a glint in her eye and kissed me.

Her tongue parted my lips and explored my mouth and my tongue entwined hers. I opened my eyes and saw Karen had moved to the side of the jacuzzi with Brian in a similar clinch. Sam then disappeared under the bubbles and then I felt her mouth close around my cock and suck hard.

After a few seconds she emerged and wiped the water from her face then pulled me to the side of the hot tub and up the steps away from Karen and Brian.

“He knows where to find us” she said

We went to a private room and lay on the gigantic bed kissing and touching. I could take no more and Sam read my mind. In one swift movement she straddled me and took my swollen cock in her hand and guided it into her gasping as it entered. She began to rock back and forth totally swallowing me up then withdrawing to the point that I was barely inside at all. The door opened and in walked Karen and Brian. Karen lay face down on the bed and began to lick my balls and Sam’s cute little butt as Brian began fucking her from behind.

I felt the explosive orgasm rising in me and began to moan. Sam sensed this and climbed off and in one swift movement was now in a 69 sharing the sucking duties with Karen.

I buried my face into Sam’s neatly trimmed pussy and began lapping at it like it was all I would have to drink for a month. It worked and Sam’s hips began to buck and without warning she gushed straight into my face.

It was so weird yet such a turn on and I shot my cum over Karen and Sam’s faces. The sight worked for Karen too and she came. The tightening of her womb pulled Brian deep into her and he too came. We had all cum within 30 seconds and all lay on the bed smiling and stroking each other.

Sam and Brian asked Karen if she would be back the following week.

She replied cheekily “If Robbie here performs well for the rest of the night and if he wants to bring me again then yes, definitely”

I was chuffed to hear that and I spent the rest of the evening giving Karen every reason to come back. I hope that’s going to be another story so watch this space. Robbie

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