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The Royal Navy means different things to different people. To me it was the opening of my eyes to new experiences. For a few years I was stationed in Portsmouth. While there, my colleague, Terry and I hit the town looking for local girls. Terry was from Aberdeen. He was around 6'0" with red hair.

Things changed one weekend when Terry and I got a cheap hotel room in town, just off HMS Sultan. We had hoped to score some girls for a session in our room but we had become pretty drunk in our failed pick-up attempts.  On the way back to the room Terry told me to stop at this porn shop. We stumbled inside and I headed for the dvds.  Terry had wandered into the gay section. I assumed he was too drunk to realise but I forgot about him for a while and concentrated on the dvds. Before I knew it Terry was at the door with a bulging bag in his hand telling me to come on. I threw him the keys and told him I would be along in a minute.  The man at the counter said “You're in for some fun tonight.”

When I got to the taxi Terry scrambled to hide something. I got in and couldn't help but notice he had a massive hard on.

The whole trip back my eyes kept wandering down to look at his groin. Surprisingly for me, I became more turned on by the second.

When we got back to the room Terry decided to take a shower. I noticed he took the bag from the porn shop into the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom I took out my dvd and began to look at the pictures on the cover of this stud fucking some pussy.  Soon my 7" cock was hard as rock so I took it out to wank off.  I was thinking that Terry was in the bathroom doing the very same thing. I was about to shoot when the phone rang. Terry immediately came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around him and grabbed the phone. It was one of his girls, Kelly. She was working but had a break and he had given her our room number in hopes of getting a shag. As Terry was talking to Kelly I went into the bathroom and began to strip off. That was when I found his bag from the pornshop.

I opened the bag to discover a magazine of men with other men. The first page had this fella licking another fella’s dick. This was all new to me. I had never seen two guys have sex. I began to wank as the new exciting images came to mind.  Then when the bigger fella in the magazine inserted his dick into the skinny mans ass, I lost it and blew my load all over the magazine.

I realized I had ruined Terry's mag and he would know that I had wanked off to his magazine. I decided I wouldn't say anything to him and hopefully he wouldn't mention it to me. I took my shower.

When I came out of the bathroom Terry looked nervous. I asked him about Kelly to distract him.  He said that she wanted us to come over the next day and chill out round hers. He then said he was going to finish his shower since it was interrupted.

I lay in my bed afraid that when he found out I had jacked off in his magazine he would come out and go ballistic. He finished his shower and came into the room. I fell asleep with the image of his massive cock in my head.

The next day came but when he didn't say anything I figured all was forgotten.

On the way over to Kelly's house, Terry began to talk about how he was going to fuck her. He kept going on about how he was going stick his cock up her arse. This brought to mind the images I had jacked off to the night before. I said "Does she let you do her up the arse?"  He looked at me and smiled "Let me? She begs!" He could tell I was interested in the conversation so he said,

"I'll tell you what, when I have blown my load. I will make some excuse and leave the house.  Kelly will still want to fuck, she always does, and then you can do her." 

When we arrived at Kelly's she was laying on the sofa topless. She jumped up and hugged Terry. He grabbed her arse. Then she saw me and smiled and said "Kev put ya tongue back in.” I had been staring at her tits. I was embarrassed but she didn't care.  We went inside and Kelly said I should get a beer and watch Soccer AM.

They went straight to the bedroom.  I began downing beers because I was nervous. They were loud and after awhile I heard Kelly screaming "That's it fuck my arse, fuck it with that big cock."

After a long silence, Terry came out of the bedroom fully dressed, he winked at me and said out loud "I can't believe I have to run back to camp, Kev stay here, let me borrow your motor and I will only be gone a couple of hours."

"Here are my keys, see you soon" then I whispered "cheers mate."

Shortly after Terry left, Kelly came out of the bedroom in a short T-shirt that didn't hide much. She came over to the sofa and sat down next me.  She asked, "What are we going to do now." I shrugged my shoulders beginning to bottle it. “Another beer?” she said as she picked up my empty can.

When she bent over her wet shaved pussy was in my face. I began to rub my cock through my pants. She stood up and turned to face me….

"Kev, I want you to take out your cock."

I immediately did and started stroking it slowly. She told me I had a nice cock. She pulled off her T-shirt to reveal her amazing body. She step forward placing her pussy on my face I began licking her hot pussy like there was no tomorrow. I took the rest of my clothes off and Kelly went down on my cock. Then she turned me around and began to rim me while she wanked my dick. Once she got my arse nice and wet she inserted a finger into my virgin hole, which sent me to a new sexual high. I was so close to cumming.

Kelly sensed I was close and she stopped.  She then ordered, "I want you to fuck me hard but you must let me do something I have always wanted to do first."  I begged "Anything, I'll do anything."  Kelly got up and went to the bedroom. From the bedroom she said, "Remember you said anything. Now come in here." 

I entered the bedroom and was shocked to see her standing there with a huge strap on dildo. Next she helped me onto the bed.  She set me up on my hands and knees, still blindfolded.

Then with two sets of handcuffs, she handcuffed each of my arms to a bedpost. My head was now lying on the bed but my arse was sticking up in the air. She told me it was to make sure I did what she wanted!

She applied some KY to my hole. The head of the dildo was enormous and my arse clinched in pain but she kept pushing until the entire dildo was up me I moaned in pain and then she began to work that plastic cock in and out, in and out.  Soon the pain was surpassed by pleasure and after few minutes of fucking she stopped and asked how I liked being fucked. All I could do was beg for more.

“Right then we’ll try with the larger one and then you can fuck me.”  She forced this new monster inch by inch into me then the fucking started. Slowly at first, then steady long strokes.

Suddenly Kelly then said from across the room "How do you like that cock you bitch." I realised she wasn't fucking me someone else was. Then I heard Terry's voice "Relax mate, relax." Kelly took the blindfold off me and I looked back to see my best friend deep in my arse.

“I saw the way you were staring at my groin last night and you came on my magazine. I decided to give you what you wanted. Why don't you enjoy the good fucking your going to get then you can shag Kelly like she promised."

Next Kelly told me to fuck her while she gave Terry head. He pulled out of my sore arse. I positioned myself and inserted my hard cock into Kelly's hot pussy. I was finally fucking her and we carried on all night.Things would be very different aboard ship from now on. Kev (Plymouth)

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